What is the perfect Grocery List For HEalthy Eating On A Budget?

You might think that this is simply going to be an easy task. You think maybe you can just look it up online and you are going to get perfect results. Well guess what you could not be more wrong with that. I have been shopping for healthy foods for almost ten straight years now. I like to think that I know a little bit about this subject. Personally I have certain standards for what I like to get at the store. Do here you go, here is the perfect grocery list for eating healthy on a budget tips. 


Pretty much every time that I go to the store I end up getting bananas. Mostly because they are full of nutrition and they are incredibly cheap. You can actually get about 50 cents a pound at certain stores. It really just depends on where you are shopping but you can usually get an amazing deal if you find the right place. Bananas can go with lots of breakfast's, dessert's or even a light snack in the middle of the day.

2. Carrots In Bulk

What I really like to do is buy myself a massive bag of carrots. I like to drink carrot juice and it takes a lot of carrots to do so. Carrots are one of the healthiest foods in the world. So if you are searching for a grocery list for healthy eating on a budget then you should really think about getting your hands on some carrots. They are actually very cheap as well.

3. Rice And Beans 

You can start doing this if you really are low on cash. Something that I have done in the past is buy myself a massive bag of rice and a massive bag of beans. Make sure you get black beans and make sure you are getting whole grain brown rice. These foods are awesome for nutrition and cheapness. If you are a little bit strapped for cash you could literally spend 20 dollars and that would last you a whole month. 

4. Yogurt

Do yourself a favor and start buying more of this stuff. Yogurt can be super cheap and its actually one of the healthiest foods ever. As a part of your grocery list for healthy eating on a budget you can  add this to your list. You will thank me later when you are saving all of that money. 

5.Sweet Potatoes 

Not a lot of people know this but sweet potatoes unlike regular potatoes are filled with TONS of vitamins and minerals. You can literally get your nutritional value from this stuff. Not all of it but most of it. I would recommend getting some of this for the future. 

6. 100% Wheat Bread

Every time that I go shopping I end up getting wheat bread, It has to be one hundred percent whole wheat and nothing else. If you are eating that white bread crap then you should probably know that that is full of sugars and bad chemicals. Stick to the all natural whole wheat and you will be golden! 

Alright now that you have a general idea of a grocery list for healthy eating on a budget you can actually start doing the shopping. Good luck and I hope that you actually get to save some of that sweet money of yours! 

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